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What do the different statuses mean?

When you look at the statuses in your account you will notice that each one has a status listed. This refers to the status of the loan that corresponds to each Note. The definitions of each status are below.

In Review: Loan request is pending a final review by our Credit Department to verify certain information in the application before the loan is issued.

Expired: Loan request did not receive full funding or did not pass final review and was not issued.

Removed: Loan listing was removed based on a credit decision, or the inability to verify certain borrower information.

Withdrawn by Applicant: Borrower withdrew their loan application.

In Funding: Loan request is listed on the site and is still receiving funding from investors.

Issuing: Loan has been originated by our banking partner. Notes corresponding to the loan will be issued to investors within 2–5 days.

Issued: New loan that has passed all IMC reviews, received full funding, and has been issued.

Not Yet Issued: Includes loan requests that are In Funding, loan requests that are In Review, and Notes that are Issuing.

Current: Loan is up to date on all outstanding payments.

In Grace Period: Loan is past due but within the 15-day grace period.

Late (16-30): Loan has not been current for 16 to 30 days.

Late (31-120): Loan has not been current for 31 to 120 days.

Fully paid: Loan has been fully repaid, either at the expiration of the 3- or 5-year year term or as a result of a prepayment.

Default: Loan has not been current for an extended period of time.

Charged Off: Loan for which there is no longer a reasonable expectation of further payments. Upon Charge Off, the remaining principal balance of the Note is deducted from the account balance.

Partially Funded: Loan did not receive full funding and is pending borrower acceptance.