Pharmacy Loan


Pharmacy Loan

Since 2017, we have lent over one billion dollars in pharmacy loans to more than 660 independent pharmacists. We work exclusively with community pharmacists every day, so we understand what it takes to ensure your business succeeds. We also understand the challenges you face each day as a small business owner. If you’re interested in acquiring an existing pharmacy, purchasing real estate or diversifying your business with additional offerings, we’re the right financing partner to help you reach your goals.

Our pharmacy lending experts are focused on helping pharmacists obtain financing to achieve their dreams—and avoid costly mistakes along the way. Mike Bollinger, the general manager of the IMC pharmacy lending team, understands first-hand the challenges pharmacy owners are facing today because he has been in the pharmacy industry for over 25 years. That means an unmatched level of insight into your passion as a pharmacy owner. We aren’t a lender who just claims to understand your business—we truly do.

Make strategic investments across a range of areas, including: expanding your stock of pharmaceutical products; investing in equipment or IT to improve your business; or establishing another pharmacy at a different location.

Loan Solutions

If ownership is your personal goal, acquiring a pharmacy or prescription files is a great way to get there. IMC offers pharmacy loans for the acquisition of the business assets.

Real estate loans are generally termed over 20-25 years, which means payments could be affordable. Take advantage of the benefits that come along with commercial real estate ownership.

If monthly loan payments are holding your pharmacy back, you may need to consider refinancing to restructure your debt and reduce your monthly payments.

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